Group photo from 2022 GOSH Gathering held in Panama City, Panama. Text overtop it reads "Gathering for Open Science Hardware Community Newsletter March 2023"

News and Updates

Photo of the GOSH community announcement for the new microgrant program. The photo features a small open science hardware kit in the background, with colorful wires prominently displayed. Over this is a purple text box with text that reads "Microgrants available for open science hardware workshops and short courses, deadline to apply: March 25." In the bottom left corner is the GOSH Community logo, a series of connected circles in light green, orange and dark green with text that reads "Gathering for Open Science Hardware"

Applications Open: Microgrants for Open Science Hardware (OScH) Workshops and Short Courses

NOW OPEN: Microgrants for workshops and short courses on OScH, with up to $500 USD in funding is available for eligible applicants. The goal of the workshops or short courses should be to teach, deploy, or experiment with OScH tools and their related software applications, at any level of difficulty to any audience, in a hands-on manner, to participants that will put that knowledge to practical and immediate use.

Click here to apply by 25 March 2023!

Seeking Writer for GOSH Ambassador Handbook! 

We are looking for an experienced writer and editor to create an ambassador handbook for the GOSH Community! The handbook will serve as a guide for individuals who want to become GOSH Community ambassadors and support our mission of making open science hardware ubiquitous. The deadline for applications is March 19, 2023.

Find out how to apply here!

Photo announcing this month's GOSH Community Call, with a light purple background and black text that reads "GOSH Community Call, March 14, 20:00 - 21:00 UTC, Featuring a presentation from EmbryoPhenomics: An opensource window on the most sensitive stages of life. Presented by Dr. Oliver Tills." The GOSH logo is in the bottom left corner, featuring a series of connected orange and green circles and text that reads "Gathering for Open Science Hardware." In the bottom right corner black text reads "Register for the call by clicking the link in our bio"

 Help us identify AfricaOSH community members working on OScH 
 Members of the GOSH and AfricaOSH communities would like to organise a collaborative workshop to reflect on the development of the OScH movement in Africa. If you are working in Open Science Hardware in Africa please complete this form!

Upcoming Events

Photo of attendees placing sticky notes onto a wall at GOSH 2022

March Community Call: EmbryoPhenomics and Internet of Production Alliance (IoPA)

March 14 at 20:00 UTC

Join us for our March GOSH Community Call, featuring presentations from EmbryoPhenomics and the Internet of Production Alliance (IoPA).

Click here to register!

If you are interested in presenting at a future GOSH Community Call, fill out this form

March Welcome Call

March 29 at 21:00 UTC

Welcome calls are a great opportunity to find out more about GOSH! The calls are open to new members of the community and will be capped at five participants to make the experience more personal and engaging.

Click here to register!

Click here to see a calendar of all upcoming GOSH events


NASA is holding a funding call for "High Priority Open-Source Science". Deadline March 29.

Call for Steering Committee Members for Reclone Symposium on 12 April 2023

Register for the 2023 FOSSASIA Summit, taking place in Singapore from April 13-15!

The CCT, a hosting institution for FOSS and Open Hardware projects, is looking for a Managing Director. This is a remote job, but German language skills are required.

Applications are open to attend electronic textile camp, taking place from September 15-24. Deadline to apply: April 1.

HardwareX has issued a Special Issue on Open Source Decarbonization for a Sustainable World. Submission deadline: April 28th, 2023

The Forum Open:Hardware conference will take place in Berlin on Monday, March 13th 2023 (free entry, registration required)

The iGEM community is recruiting volunteers for their SynBio 101 project. Find out more here!

FieldKit is looking for a Junior Electrical Engineer and Senior Software Engineer to join their team. Deadline to apply: March 31

AirForAll is looking for and welcoming citizens to monitor their work to ensure its usability and accessibility. Join the testing group here!

Call for Proposals: 'Can Technology Save Biodiversity?' Deadline to submit abstracts: October 5 2023.

Open Bioeconomy Lab is updating it's Open Enzyme Collections, submit any new sequences you have here by March 10!

The second round of the Open Science Fund is now open to proposals. The Fund’s aim is to support projects designed to advance the application and advancement of open science practices. Deadline to apply: May 9

Now Open: Ecologists in Africa Grant. This grant provides support of up to £8,000 for ecologists in Africa to carry out innovative ecological research.  Applications for the first round of funding will close on March 15th 2023.

Join the Research Data Alliance (RDA) interest group. This interest group aims to collaborate with the OH community (GOSH, OSHWA), scientific research projects involving OH (Open.Make, OPENNEXT), maker communities, and the RDA community to facilitate open discussions on FAIR principles for research hardware.

Become a member of AfricaOSH! AfricaOSH is a community for all open science enthusiasts, makers, creators, students, innovators, policy makers, government institutions, makerspaces, researchers etc. in Africa and the global south. Join AfricaOSH by clicking here, or signing up to the AfricaOSH whatsapp group!

Join AfricaOSH for their monthly community call, on March 23 at 11am UTC. This month's community call will feature Mustapha Dauda from NoniHub makerspace in Ghana. Register in advance here!

Open Environmental Data Project (OEDP) is hiring a Data Inclusion Specialist. This position is listed in partnership with the ACLS Leading Edge Fellowship.  You can find more information on the Fellowship program here and a direct link to the position with OEDP here Applications are due March 15th. 

A PhD position is available at the Umeå Institute of Design in Umeå, Sweden, on sustainability and grassroots communities. Under this topic potential research areas can include observing, exploring and experimenting with critical making, urban activism and material participation, DIY maker culture, open design and open hardware, shared community workshops, distributed manufacturing and local production, or similar topics. Deadline to apply: April 15

Join the open hardware research community, an open and collaborative group of researchers studying the socioeconomic aspects of open hardware practice. 

Curated by GOSH Community Members

Each month, we like to feature new and relevant open science hardware papers and projects, specially chosen by GOSH community members!

Featured Publications:
Step-by-step : A microfluidic (PDMS) staircase device for size sorting microparticles down to 25 µm using a 3D-printed mold; Authors include GOSH Forum members Vittorio Saggiomo (@VSaggiomo) and Benedict Diederich (@beniroquai) 

Collaborative Advantage: Creating Global Commons for Science, Technology, and Innovation
Kombucha electronics? Sure, why not? 
A Methodology for Training Toolkits Implementation in Smart Labs 
Opensciency - A core open science curriculum by and for the research community 
Open Citizen Science: fostering open knowledge with participation
 In the Age of Collaboration, the Computer-Aided Design Ecosystem is Behind: An Interview Study of Distributed 
Designing a Hybrid Digital / Analog Quantum Physics Emulator as Open Hardware 

Featured Projects:
Libre Water - Open Source Hardware for Solar Drinking Water; Project leads include GOSH Forum member Spyros Nompilakis (@inspyros)

Have a paper, presentation or project you would like to share? Click here!

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Photo of attendees at GOSH 2022 holding up PCB designs they made during a session.
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