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Upcoming Events

GOSH Welcome Call

December 12 at 3 pm UTC

GOSH Welcome Calls are the perfect opportunity for new members to learn more about GOSH. Learn more about the calls & register in advance here.

GOSH Book Club Meeting

January 11th at 9 am UTC 

Join us for our next bookclub meeting! These informal social events take place every 2-3 months and are a great way to catch-up with each other. Visit this thread to find out more!

Image announcing the upcoming GOSH Roadmap Coworking session, taking place on December 14 at 4 pm UTC

GOSH Roadmap Coworking Session 

December 14 at 4 pm UTC

Join us for the first GOSH Roadmap coworking session! This meeting aims to record the Roadmap’s progress, share achievements, and provide a space to work together on actions. Several community projects will be featured during the session, including the Open Science Shop, the Open Science Hardware Project Directory, and the GOSH Ambassador Program. Find out more about the coworking session here!

Click here to register!

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Apply to the 2024 WILDLABS Awards, with up to $60,000 USD available in funding. Deadline January 14, 2024.

FOSDEM 2024 is happening in Brussels, Belgium, from February 3-4, 2024. 

Preregistration now open: Hardware Pioneers Max24, taking place in London, UK from 28-29 May, 2024.

The Everything Open 2024 conference is taking place in Gladstone, QLD, Australia in April 2024.

The Open Hardware Summit Call for Proposals and Fellowship applications will close on December 17, 2023.

WebSci conference 2024 has extended their deadline for contributions to December 7, 2023.

Chevron and the Fab Foundation seek four candidates to serve as Chevron FAB STEM Fellows. Deadline to apply: January 1, 2024

The University of Sussex is seeking an Assistant Specialist Technician for open source development. Applications will close on January 15, 2024.

The Open Environmental Data Project and Wilson Center are seeking a researcher to report on government procurement of open science hardware. The deadline for applications is December 20, 2023

Re:publica24 is happening from 27-29 May 2024 in Berlin, and they are currently accepting proposals until January 15, 2024.

The Social Science Research Council is seeking applicants for the Just Tech Fellowship. Deadline to applyJanuary 31, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Happening December 6-8, 2023: MRI Together: Global workshop on open, reproducible, and inclusive MR research. Register for the event here!

Join the next Internet of Production Alliance Community Call where they will launch their new Business Models Catalogue and website, Happening December 12 at 4 pm UTC.

Call for abstracts:  Global Justice, Technology, and Integrated Research - Designing and reflecting on Human-Technology Relations transdisciplinarily. Deadline December 15th 2023. 

The Open.Make project has received more funding to work on hardware publication and building maker communities at local institutions. There are opportunities for fellowship funding for those interested in working with them on these topics. You can read the following forum post for more information.

Join the mAkE consortium on December 13, 2023, at 3 pm CET for a virtual community call discussing common policy solutions to promote makers in Europe and Africa. 

Become a member of AfricaOSH! AfricaOSH is a community for all open science enthusiasts, makers, creators, students, innovators, policy makers, government institutions, makerspaces, researchers etc. in Africa and the global south. Join AfricaOSH by clicking here, or signing up to the AfricaOSH whatsapp group!

Join the Research Data Alliance (RDA) interest group. This interest group aims to collaborate with the OH community (GOSH, OSHWA), scientific research projects involving OH (Open.Make, OPENNEXT), maker communities, and the RDA community to facilitate open discussions on FAIR principles for research hardware.

Join the open hardware research community, an open and collaborative group of researchers studying the socioeconomic aspects of open hardware practice. 

Curated by GOSH Community Members

Each month, we like to feature new and relevant open science hardware papers and projects, specially chosen by GOSH community members!

Featured Publications:

Open Source Hardware, Collaborative project documentation, Licensing & Open Hardware Licenses - The Turing Way; Contributors include GOSH Forum members Julien Colomb (@Juliencolomb), Jerry (@jerzeek), Sacha Hodencq (@sacha.hodencq), Julieta Arancio (@jarancio), Robert Mies (@rmies), (@naikymen) & Moritz Maxeiner (@moritz.maxeiner)

Photo of GOSH attendees adding sticky notes to construction paper

Open-source magnetic resonance imaging: Improving access, science, and education through global collaboration; Authors include GOSH Forum members Lukas Winter (@lwinter), Martin Häuer (@moe) & Lionel Broche (@lionel).

Collaboration on open source tools for agroecology: Final Report; Authors include Greg Austic (@gbathree), Nano Castro (@nanocastro) & Pablo Cremades (@pablocremades).

Open Hardware for Microfluidics: Exploiting Raspberry Pi Singleboard Computer and Camera Systems for Customisable Laboratory Instrumentation; Authors include GOSH Forum member Rüya Meltem Sarıyer (@ruyameltem).

Utilization of accessible resources in the fabrication of an affordable, portable, high-resolution, 3D printed, digital microscope for Philippine diagnostic applications

Supporting open hardware for open science (UNESCO)

Design and Implementation of an Open-Source and Internet-of-Things-Based Health Monitoring System

Featured Presentations & Podcasts:

Making Waves: Open Hardware as a Solution to Scaling up Bycatch Mitigation (Webinar Recording); Featuring GOSH Forum member Alasdair Davies (@al2ka)

The Challenge of Running a Community Makerspace (Podcast Episode)

Image of alquimetricos didactic toys

Featured Projects:

University of Sussex Open Research Technologies Hub; Project contributors include GOSH Forum member Andre Maia Chagas (@amchagas).

Low-cost, open water level sensor; Project contributors include GOSH Forum member Phil Bresnahan (@insituphile).

OpenLab MedTec; Project contributors include GOSH Forum members Lukas Winter (@lwinter), Martin Häuer (@moe).

Open Source MRI project updates &resources; Shared by GOSH Forum member Lukas Winter (@lwinter).

Have a paper or project you would like to share? Click here.

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